Monday, May 8, 2017


symbolic abstracts on card by Helen Thompson - (each one is 6 " square)

I have discovered the work of Father Bill Moore.  He is an American Roman Catholic priest, who is a trained artist.  He does not sell his work, but creates art for the good of the community.  The link above shows pics of him in his studio, which I am delighted to say, is slightly messier than mine!  I was inspired by his series, 'Embracing the Cross' (small artworks, 5" x 7"),  to produce the samples in the photograph above, for my sketchbook.  I used layers of acrylic paints, inks and collage.

The colour scheme was inspired by my recent walk in a bluebell wood - see April 25th post.  The Rev. Moore uses all sorts of methods to produce textures, and often includes a found object within the work.  As he says, 'they create an energy in the piece that aligns itself with my faith and my theory that all things can be redeemed.'

In his artist statement he states, 'I also love textures to exist in my work, and I often encourage viewers to touch my paintings, because the oil of human hands makes the plastics in the acrylics that I use that much more human. And when you can touch artwork, you develop a viewpoint rarely accessible in the modern art world.' What an interesting artist...

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