Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday, with family staying, we went to the Woodworking Show at Yandles, the home of the 303 Gallery, Cedar Tree Cafe, wood mill and hobbies shop.  It is a place I visit from time to time to buy supplies and meet a friend for lunch.  There were loads of people there and many wood and craft demonstrations.  The one that caught our eye was on Fantasy Film. Apparently, this product has been around since the 70s, but is now making a comeback.  A Fantasy Film glass starter set was bought for Theo, aged 9.  Once home he couldn't wait to have a go and here are the results.

Basically, a wire loop is formed with a substantial twist at the bottom and leaving at least a 3inch tail.  This can be bent to the desired shape.  This is is then dipped into a can of coloured liquid, pulled out and left to dry for 10-15 mins.  It is best for making 3 dimensional  items, such as flowers - dipping the separate petals and wiring them together.  It is an acetone based liquid which needs to be thinned with thinners if it gets too thick, which means only using in a well ventilated space, not near any open flames and protect work tops and clothing.

Theo and his Mum try out the Fantasy Film - the cow timer was used to time the drying!

Theo loved the dipping, but relied on his grandad, who is an expert at manipulating wire having been a dental technician,  for help with doing the wirework involved.  I also helped him wrap green florist tape around the stem.  All you need for making the flowers were in this good value set, and has kept Theo quiet and occupied for hours - an added bonus!

Fantasy Film being demonstrated at Yandles Show.

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