Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Many years ago I was producing cut-out wall plaques painted on MDF.  I discovered an old one in my mother's utility room, which had stencilled daffodils and a crackle finish. It was looking worse for wear, so I took it away and produced a vase of roses instead!

This time I used painted papers as well as acrylic paint.  All the rose heads were layers of cut paper with extra embellishment, using a white gel pen and a black marker.  The finishing touch was a splattering of gold paint and some protective clear varnish...

Monday, August 7, 2017


We have just done a gardening theme for the latest window dressing in the One Craft Gallery.  Lexicon cards have been pegged up to spell out the words - HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW.  The paper flowers were made by my fellow window dresser, Caroline Tetley.  She used cupcake cases of various sizes...

We used colourful decoupaged flower pots, (see bottom right pic), as our star products. They have been decorated by guest maker, Debbie Minter, who lives in Shepton.  They are in the gallery until the end of September...

Friday, July 21, 2017


Here are a couple of small collaged abstracts that I did with papers, produced with the gel plate. They are in one of my sketch books.  The one above explores squares and rectangles in a range of sizes.  I have outlined some of the squares with a black marker pen to give additional emphasis.

In the sample above, I have collaged a paper circle in a contrast colour, to give variety and interest to the design.

Friday, July 14, 2017


I made this card for my parents 66th wedding anniversary which is today!

The background was done with a gel plate.  I then collaged shapes - some punched out - to form the picture.  They were outlined with  a black marker and the writing was added by hand with a white gel pen.

I outlined the picture with a metallic gold pen, as well as rubbing some gold onto the background and adding to the  centre of the flowers...

Monday, July 10, 2017


I decorated some gift bags to go with the 'hot & spicy' window at the One Craft Gallery.  I used napkins, punched out shapes, a white gel pen, and a black marker to create some colourful bags...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I have just redecorated the window at the One Craft Gallery, together with fellow member, Caroline Tetley.  We were inspired to do a 'hot & spicy' Indian window, by the tunics made out of hand printed Indian fabric, by Lesley Hill, a more recent member, who specialises in textiles.  They have proved to be a popular selling item this summer with only a few left!

We used tissue pompoms, large white letters and the most  colourful items for sale in the gallery to create our festive window!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


When time is tight, as it is for me at the moment for creating artwork, cards and sketchbooks are an ideal way of keeping your hand in! Because of a family crisis, I have hardly visited my studio lately.  The last time I did, I found some half finished cards, which I have now completed...

The card on the right has a faint whiff of the collages of London born Pop Artist, Richard Hamilton, whose work I admire.  I particularly like his art of the early postwar decades when the world was rapidly changing.  His colourful, busy and playful collages embraces this with references to the influx of sophisticated consumer goods from the USA - especially the vulgar and everyday!

For the card above, I have returned to one of my favourite subjects - doors. Perhaps it would work as a card for someone who was moving house...