Sunday, February 10, 2013


A New Year and a new start. This year I have decided that I want a presence on the internet. A fully blown website seemed too formal and complicated, so here is my blog. I just wanted a chance to show the kind of artwork I do and what interests me. I would also like to be in touch with like minded mixed media artists, as I am always open to new ideas and projects, and those who just like the rather naive and quirky nature of the work I do. I have had pages on other websites before but I now have an opportunity to manage and update things myself.

So what have I just done? Well, for me Valentine’s Day is my focus as soon as Christmas is over as it is the next good selling occasion at the gallery where I sell my work. This year I have done some puffy hearts inspired by Belinda Spiwak’s  article in Cloth, Paper Scissors Sept/Oct 2008. I have great fun selecting  and recycling bits of fabric and ribbons from the large stash in my studio.   

I used the postal theme to fit in with the window display in the gallery for some small block canvases using letters and envelopes sent to me in the 70s. The method I used for these was taken from Plaster Collage by Sue Pelletier in the July/August edition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors (as you can guess is one of my favourite magazines and one I refer to frequently for ideas).


  1. Wonderful to see your fabulous work. love the hearts Bx

  2. Thanks Belinda. Thank you for all your help in setting up the blog.

  3. Hi Helen,
    Lovely to see your work here in Blog Land!
    Niki :)

    1. Hi Niki, thanks very much. I will have to do a link to your shop when I know exactly what I am doing!