Sunday, October 27, 2013


Recycling and upcycling has been popular for many years - people making use of things that would be otherwise thrown away.  You can find many exciting ideas on the internet and when I was looking I came across Sasha Constable who cofounded the Peace Art Project in Cambodia (PAPC) in 2003.  This started as a sculpture project turning weapons of war into artistic expressions of peace.  Now fantastic furniture is being made using guns, swords and other destroyed weapons.

A simple idea to make a piece of tatty brown furniture into something quirky, fun and a delight to have in the home, is to decoupage it.  I know decoupage has an old fashion reputation but it can take on a modern twist - such as this stool above.  Beautifully executed by Lilly Lang, who was featured with her denim bag in my previous blog - the seat is covered with cartoon characters. She loves it and it now lives in her bedroom.  I can see this girl as a mixed media artist of the future!

There are a number of great  modern decoupage papers out there now but it is more original and personal to recycle your own old maps, books, stamps, playing cards, vintage magazines, letters, music etc. - anything that can be stuck down flat over wood. Why not add your own words and doodles on top before layering on the varnish which will protect the surface from wear and tear. I am going to have a go at decoupaging some old drinks coasters.

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