Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Lilly Lang with her 'eco' bag.
Above is a selection of bags that I have made from recycled denim.  Regular readers will know how I love old, worn denim and have over the years collected, bought or been given many pairs of old jeans, skirts etc.  I try and use all I can without destroying the original garment or I cut them up and mix and match to make a bag. Little girl skirts and small jeans are particularly useful.

Many denim items have embroidery or a bit of bling on them which make great features for the bags.  I also like to incorporate working pockets and use contrasting materials for the linings. Waist bands can make good handles and I generally use magnetic catches to fasten the top openings.  I try and inspire others to make their own bags and someone who has done just that is Lilly Lang, aged 12, who made one for a school project. She says "it is fun to create something which fits the project title of 'eco' bag."

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