Thursday, March 17, 2016


This is the title of my latest bird pic, using some more of the silver birch bark that I used for cards previously.  This time I concentrated on blackbirds, as I have been observing some in my garden recently, and they are such attractive birds.

'Enjoy the Great Outdoors' (58cms x 21cms) mixed media on wood.

This montage shows the various stages it went through.  I started with a wooden panel, which had been previously painted.  I treated it with clear gesso, as I was prepared for some of the background to show through.  I then collaged on strips of painted papers and tissue.  The bark was then stuck on - I used both sides to create some colour difference.  The words were added, as well as some dark brown painted papers to represent branches - these had smaller branches added with brush and acrylic paint. To finish - I cut out the bird shapes from decorated papers, adhered them to the surface, and finally added more acrylic paint to add depth and detail.

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