Thursday, March 10, 2016


I have just produced some more bookmarks to sell in the gallery as I noticed that I had almost sold out!  I have made all these from A5 card stock which meant less cutting out.  I could work on both sides at once before folding and glueing the card together and cutting in half to make two bookmarks.  Another advantage is that they are a perfect fit into standard envelopes...

For the backgrounds I have collaged papers - napkins, tissue, paperback pages and photocopies of material and my own artwork onto the card. Then, when they were cut up and assembled, each bookmark was treated separately with extra embellishments - cutout letters, flowers, butterflies, or birds.  They were finished off with a fine black marker and protected with acrylic wax.    

The photographs above are arranged so the front of the bookmarks are on the top row and the reverse side are shown below.  Bookmarks are a good alternative to sending a card as it is something people can keep and use...

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