Wednesday, October 28, 2015


The cards above used the collaged paper method, but instead of using it as a background, I made templates of the shapes and cut them out.  They were then applied to a plain background and embellishments added before glueing onto blank cards.  I discovered that old wrapping paper and a large round punch produced excellent baubles! You can buy word stickers which simply peel off their backing sheet and get pressed onto the card.  That is how the wording of 'Happy Christmas' was done.

The tiny cards above were done by collaging a nostalgic napkin and tissue onto a sheet of music.  This time instead of tearing the pieces, they were cut out with scissors and applied.  When dried, I used a large square punch to cut out a square that I had selected, so that it included a face.  Then, after applying to the small blank cards (3 x 3 inch), the text was added using the same stickers as the other cards, except this time, they were stuck over the pictures and I outlined them with a fine black pen to give an extra dimension.

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