Monday, November 2, 2015


If you are wanting to make your presents stand out this year without the cost, how about creating tags from recycled materials and covering your presents in newspaper!  I prefer the pages that are just black and white with little colour which are quite hard to find these days!  For bigger presents I use The Daily Telegraph, which is a broadsheet.  You may like The Financial Times as it is a pretty salmon pink!  Just add some bright recycled ribbon or strips of fabric and a homemade tag to impress.

The tags with the presents are made from an old shiny gift box and they are decorated with a silver metallic pen, a white gel pen and star stickers. The ones below them are made with old business cards which were covered in stars which had been punched out, and then embellished with glitter.

These Christmas cards and tags, shown below, were made from the same collaged background.  I used some luggage labels as a template for the gift tags.  They would look good on presents covered in plain white paper or brown parcel paper lightly brushed with white gesso.
The beauty of collage is that if you make a mess you can cover it up with some more paper!  That happened with the card on the left, when some writing I had done smudged, so I covered it with some painted papers that had a Happy Christmas sticker attached!

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