Thursday, November 20, 2014


Have you ever wondered what would become of the contents of your studio when you are no longer here?  A dear friend of mine, Rosalind Gregory, a prolific textile artist, teacher and maker, had terminal cancer and had a chance to think it through.  As nobody in her family wanted her enormous stash of textile and craft materials, she decided that, after she died, she would like it all to be sold and the proceeds go to the N.S.P.C.C.

Dolls and Quilts by Rosalind Gregory
Last weekend, a sale and exhibition of her work took place so her wish could be granted.  I arrived after it had started and the place was buzzing! Lots of the buyers knew Rosalind and talked about her while looking at everything. There was £1 entry fee and things were selling fast. I bought some craft materials, including some of the old fashioned wooden pegs, polystyrene shapes, pipe cleaners, beads, chains, feathers, felt etc. I also procured a tin full of printers letter blocks.  Not only will I find them useful, but they bring back fond memories, as I had borrowed them on occasions. Rosalind was in the same class as me for City and Guilds Creative Embroidery Part 11 and she was always an enormous fund of helpful expertise and information which she would willingly share.

Embroidery and Samples by Rosalind Gregory
Her work was on display, mostly not for sale.  There were the beautiful hand crafted dolls, hats, experimental work, garments, rugs, hangings and wonderful quilts.  She particularly loved recycling and used things, such as, the material from her husband's old work shirts. In one memorable quilt she used the smocked dresses she had made for her daughter when she was a little girl and had kept the full dress shape. It is exquisite and so skilful.  So is so missed by all who knew her.

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