Thursday, September 4, 2014


Sunflowers are our theme for the next window in the gallery so I have started a sunflower sketchbook to research and develop some ideas.  First I bought some cut sunflowers to study, photograph and sketch.  I also looked out any pictures I had, including photographs of sunflower canvases they I had done and had been sold.

When looking at sunflowers the colour yellow is foremost, from cream to vibrant saffron yellow and almost orange - the bright uplifting colour of sunlight from which the flowers get their name.  Sunflowers are warm, enriching, happy flowers that always make me smile.  I also connect them with growth, harvest and health (I eat loads of sunflower seeds that are so good for you).  They are wonderfully bold and sturdy flowers that can grow to enormous heights.  According to Guinness World Records the tallest one was grown in Germany last year to a height of 8.75 metres (28 feet, 8.49 inches)!

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