Monday, January 27, 2014


'My cup of tea'  (20cms x 20cms)
This panel consist of several layers of paint and papers. The problem I find with layers, particularly in small works, is to not to cover up too much of the underneath when creating a new layer. Outline shapes work well to introduce another element into the picture. You can, of course, just paint or draw outlines onto your work but  this can be tricky on top of textured backgrounds. To overcome this problem, I drew the cup shape with a marker pen, onto tissue and attached it with matt acrylic medium. This meant that I could try various positions before sticking down in place.

'Love hurts' (10cms x 10cms)
With this smaller panel I wanted to add some more heart elements without covering up all the detail of the playing cards and 60s song titles that I had already added.  I again used outlines, but this time, took the paper that was left when using heart punches, and carefully cut around them. These were then arranged on the work before attaching.

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