Sunday, July 7, 2013


Take a piece of driftwood that looks like a head and bit of body shape, find a base, sandwich fabric and other bits of driftwood in between, paint on an eye, and voila - a driftwood creature with a character!

For those who would like a few technical details, I used muslin dipped in paverpol, a textile hardening medium in liquid form that becomes rock hard when fully dried.  I put plastic ties around the driftwood pieces with the fabric in between so that they were held together while the medium hardened. The material was then coloured with diluted raw umber acrylic and the eyes painted in acrylic paints and the whole creation finished off with a light coat of matt UV varnish.

I would like to make some more, but you need a lot of driftwood to choose bits from, so I need to go and collect some more!  Next time I will try for a whiter driftwood 'look' using lime wax, gesso or diluted emulsion paint.

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