Saturday, May 18, 2013


Occasionally it is good to do a challenge, so when fellow artist Dawn was going to give a pair of high black patent shoes to a charity shop, we thought another way of recycling them would be to make them into a piece of sculpture.  I did one shoe for her and she did one for me.  We sanded the shiny patent and put on a layer of gesso before adding layers of paper - old papers with text, tissues, napkins and letters cut out from old magazines using matt acrylic medium.  Doing the inside of the shoes was a little tricky but we were pleased with the result.  You could cover other objects in this way, old handbags, for example.

'All seeing eyes' by Helen Thompson

'Spring in your step' by Dawn Porter

Each shoe has a message.  My shoe for Dawn was for her office with messages such as: 'all seeing eyes', 'she who must be obeyed', 'top bunny and always right' and 'the boss'. While the shoe she did for me said, 'spring in your step' and 'made for walking'.

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