Monday, March 11, 2013


Sometimes it is a quirky or unusual vase that gives me inspiration for a picture, as in this case. It was bought from the Orchard Vale Trust, a local charity which provides homes for people with learning disabilities. I love the simple, naive and innocent quality of their work and always buy at their exhibitions during Somerset Art Weeks.

'We Don't Talk Anymore' - mixed media on canvas (61cms x 51 cms)

This painting features the earthy tones of clay paints.  I had almost finished it when I was trying to think of a suitable title and what to add.  A friend looked at it and said 'those flowers aren't talking'. That was it, I added some falling petal tears and the Cliff Richard song, 'We Don't Talk Anymore' popped into my head for the title. 

Some of the ceramic pieces I have bought from the Orchard Vale Trust.

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