Monday, April 25, 2016


Our latest window display in the gallery, features a standard beehive made by One Craft Member, David Chambers.  David is not only a master craftsman in wood, he is also a keen and knowledgeable beekeeper.  He produces honey, wax candles and beeswax for furniture from his Dorset home.  Sometimes his produce is available to buy in the gallery.  He also teaches beekeeping at River Cottage.  He specialises in top-bar beehives (see below), which are the latest, simplest, most economical and natural way of beekeeping. He welcomes commissions and loves talking 'bees'!

As well, as the bee mats and gift bags that I had decorated, Caroline Tetley, a jeweller who does the windows with me, had made some fun hanging bees and some origami ones too.  We also had a Winnie-the Pooh theme going on with a bear, his 'hunny' jar and one of my old Pooh Bear books!

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