Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am reluctantly thinking about Christmas!  I am planning to run some card making workshops with my friend Dawn, in the basement workshop of her art gallery and teashop - Custard Pudding - so I have made some samples.

There is no painting on these cards, just collaged papers and the addition of some felt tip marks.  I started by making a collaged background from old wrapping paper, tissue, music, napkins, and paper scraps from other projects - see above right.  I used matt acrylic medium, coating both sides of the papers and left them to dry. I always iron my papers, when dry, with a layer of baking parchment protecting the iron.

The background was then cut up and then suitable Christmas imagery and shapes, in this case, stars, punched out in various papers, was added. When this was dry I used a metallic gold pen to make a border and marks. I also added embellishments with a black felt tip and white gel pen. I like to make marks that imitate stitching.  These are now ready to attach to some cream card stock.  A great way to recycle last year's cards and wrapping!

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