Sunday, August 17, 2014


We have just redone the window in the One Craft Gallery.  My poppies are still there but butterflies and grasses have been added.  I made these butterflies a few years ago for window displays.

They are made from sheets of deep purple card from Yeovil Scrapstore (a treasure trove of useful materials), which were cut to shape, using my templates in various sizes. I then put blobs of paint on one side, folded the butterfly in half over the paint and opened it up to reveal a pattern - just like the ink blot pictures I used to do as a child! I also painted the backs of the butterflies so that they can be viewed from any angle. They were then embellished with a metallic gold felt tip pen, wire antenna were added and a hole punched on each corner so they can be hung in different permutations.

These pictures were taken from inside the gallery, looking out on market day!

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