Tuesday, May 27, 2014


At last I am back in the studio.  No, I haven't finished my decluttering - it will have to be fitted in when I have the time - but things are now a bit more organised so I can start working again.  I often wander around charity shops for clothes, fabrics or things that catch my eye - one of the reasons I collect so much! I sometimes find things which can be used for window displays in the gallery, such as this large, simple wooden flower which was a bargain at £3!

In June and July we are concentrating on handmade goods for babies and young children and for the window we are combining that with the gardening theme that is already there with our guest artist, Angela Morley. The flower will be ideal for this and meanwhile I have used it as inspiration for these gift bags and I am thinking of using similar designs for some greetings cards.

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