Thursday, March 27, 2014


One of our exercises, in the on-line course, was to quickly draw something moving, without taking the drawing implement off the page. I chose to draw my washing which was blowing in the wind.

I then used these drawings, with various media, to create three different looks - all based on the original sketches.

I treated this drawing as an illustration and filled in the outlines with wax crayons and a candle.  It was then finished with a simple ink wash.
This one also used a wax candle and ink for the background.  I then collaged on patterned tissue and finished off with gel pens.  I didn't keep within the lines as I wanted a suggestion of movement.
This drawing was roughly coloured in with oil pastels and I then used some turps to move the pigments across the drawing to give a sense of the energy of the wind.

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