Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have just been making some more gift bags for the gallery.  I often use luggage labels or make my own tags to hang from them.  However, I have noticed that they can be inclined to curl, especially if they are in the window in warm weather.  To get around this problem, I decided to use flattened toilet paper rolls to form firm pockets to put in blank cards for messages.

The method I used for these tags was to flatten the roll, and punch a half circle out at one end (see above).  The roll was then dry brushed with white gesso. Old sheet music and napkins were stuck on with matt acrylic medium and a few paint details added to both sides.  I then used a smaller round punch to cut into some gummed paper and stuck this circle on the inside of the roll - exposed by the semi circular cutout.  A leather punch was then used to make the inside hole to take the string.  To finish off, I ironed the pocket flat, taped the bottom together with masking tape and added a blank card which had the end cut with pinking shears.  These tags could be used on their own with a gift wrapped in brown paper, coloured tissue or even sheet music!

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