Thursday, February 20, 2014


Giving a touch of summer in the gallery at the moment, are these gorgeous silk scarves by Sue Arnold.  Sue, a retired primary school teacher, mother of two and grandmother of four, only discovered silk painting three years ago. She lives in a Somerset village with her husband and spaniel Poppy. Her garden is full of flowers and that is where her inspiration comes from, although she also produces a range of abstract and geometric designs.

In her own words here is how she achieves these results. "The scarf is attached to a frame, stretched and held in place with pins. Then the paint is applied to the main body of the scarf using a sponge. Paint is then applied with a fine brush to the ends of the scarf where I add my flowers. The final detail is added using a special silver outliner and further depth added using a technique similar to that used with watercolour. When dry the completed scarf is ironed on the reverse side, the heat setting the colour so that it doesn't run when washed."

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