Monday, November 25, 2013


In the days when I used to eat sweets, especially at Christmas, I could never bring myself to throw away the wonderful brightly coloured cellophane and foil wrappers.  I have, over the years, used them in various projects. On the blogpost of May 2nd entitled 'Sweet Papers',  I show how I incorporated sweet papers into an artwork.  I do find it them quite hard to glue down so another solution is to tack them with large embroidery stitches onto a plain background material and then machine stitch on top until it is all integrated.  This can then be cut up and used as a background for cards, as illustrated below.

Here are three cards that I have just completed.  All I added to the background of sweet papers cut out with pinking shears, were punched out stars and glitter discs (these were in the bargain tub at a local craft suppliers).  I cut out a piece of paper, just large enough to leave a small border and glued all the bits on.  This was then attached, using double sided tape, to a metallic card.

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