Saturday, August 10, 2013


It's official, according to statistics in the media last week, we in the UK are experiencing a baby boom!  Coincidently,  I was recently asked to do a card for a new baby boy (no, not the royal one).

I started with a vintage picture of a beautiful baby.  This was then coated in a layer of acrylic wax so it wouldn't tear when stitched.  I once knew someone who made wonderful, durable shopping bags out of newspaper treated this way.  The picture was then backed with calico and bits of fabric were hand tacked on to it. The whole thing was then covered in chiffon and machine stitched.  I searched my button box for three suitable buttons to sew onto the tab and decorated a luggage tag with the words 'it's a boy' and tied it to one of them.   The completed image was then attached to a cream card.

This is the first baby card I have done.  I may now have to cater to this growing market and make some more to sell in the One Craft Gallery!

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