Sunday, March 5, 2017


These six samples are postcard sized, and are inspired by doors and doorways.  I did them for a sketchbook that I started at the beginning of the year, looking for images or symbols representing each month, that I can use as a starting point for larger abstract paintings...

As January is named after Janus - God of the Doorway, doors seemed an appropriate subject to explore. The techniques used were, layering of acrylic paints, and scratching through.  To finish off, I covered both sides with clear acrylic wax, and added lines of machine stitching.  I can see that, some of these designs and colour schemes, could work as the basis for interpretation into much larger artworks...  



  1. They are super. Did you work quickly or slowly when you painted these? I am starting out on the art journey, and watching the Great British Painting Show, I am fascinated in the techniques.

    1. Hi Beverley, these were done in stages as they do contain a number of layers. I work on them all at the same time, taking each one as far as I can before getting stuck! I then leave them and go back and look before deciding on my next move. Sometimes I ask friends for ideas on how to proceed. In this case, my textile artists friends suggested that I added the stitching and this took me onto the next stage. Some needed very little after that, while others took some more sessions until I felt they were finished. The actual painting is quick but completion is slow! Good luck with your art journey.