Sunday, June 26, 2016


Glastonbury Festival is on!  I can hear it from my home when the wind is in a certain direction, in spite of being miles from the festival site!  So, to mark the event and the many other festivals taking place at this time of year, we have done a window dressing in the One Craft Gallery to reflect this...

Caroline Tetley, a fellow maker, and I, used cardboard letters, painted white, and placed them on glass shelves so that they appeared to be floating, when seen from a distance. We also hung cardboard butterflies, which I made several years ago, and have been so useful!  When they have been shown before, customers have asked to buy them, but I am glad that I have resisted...

Also used were colourful wreaths, that I had constructed from wire covered in  pieces of knotted ribbon.  I have had to get storage outside my house and studio to accommodate all the things that I have made over the years to dress the window!

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