Friday, February 5, 2016


The One Craft Gallery is full of love and hearts!  Above is the recently created window showing some of the cards and gifts available to buy for Valentine's Day.

Here are my latest 'heart' canvases - they are both constructed using plaster filler.  The small green one (10cms  square), has the filler pushed through a couple of stencils, producing a raised effect which was then coloured with acrylic paints and finished with clear wax.

The other heart is gilded on top of lace which was glued in a 'heart' shape onto the 20cm square wooden panel.  The 'heart' shape space had been prepared by having a template placed on the panel and then covering the whole thing - sides and all - in plaster filler.  It has layers of acrylic paint and it too was finished with clear wax.

These small gift bags and tags were done by sticking punched shapes and cut out letters onto backgrounds which had white gesso dry brushed onto them.  Here's hoping the people of Shepton are feeling romantic...

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