Sunday, November 22, 2015


Having started my creative life as a textile artist, I do like to get my sewing machine out from time to time and make something soft!  I have just finished this seagull. He is rather big, measuring 21 inches in length!  I obtained the basic pattern from the book - the artful bird  by Abigail Patner.  She makes fabulous textile birds but they are somewhat smaller and more delicate than mine!  I don't know how she does it - this size was fiddly enough for me...

I enlarged the pattern pieces, provided at the back of the book, much bigger than advised and omitted the tucked up feet.  I also altered the size and shape of the beak and included stuffing in the wings.  I made up a rough patchwork fabric which I used for the wings and tail. One of the main fabrics I used was ticking - a favourite fabric of mine, leftover from curtains and blinds used in my home.

The eyes are a couple of buttons from my button box so the complete bird was made from materials I already had.    Once the eyes were added he took on his own personality!  So I felt he deserved a name...

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