Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Various stages of making plus dove template.
I have just made a driftwood tree, and need some suitable decorations to go on it, as it is going to our local Baptist church for a tree festival at the end of the week.  In the name of recycling, I have been collecting the cardboard rolls left when the kitchen and toilet rolls have been used.  Usually these go into cardboard recycling but, having seen a few projects using them on the internet, I thought I would test them out.

I flattened the rolls and stuck on torn up sheet music and paper patterns, with matt medium, on both sides.  I then designed and cut a template of a peace dove, which I used to draw the outline for cutting through both layers of the roll. They were then glued together, incorporating a string tie.  The finishing touch was outlining the shape with a black marker and using glitter glue on both sides.  I also did the same, using a wooden star as a template, and punching a hole to take the hanging tie (see below).

Text was added to luggage labels and given the same glitter glue treatment.

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