Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This is the time of year for reflection on what has been achieved in the past year and looking forward to new projects.  Every year I try and set myself new challenges.  Last year it was to have a presence on the web which I have done through this blog.  Next year I want to have more interaction with others doing mixed media, so I have signed up for a workshop over the web starting in March. I also have invited a friend who is a very good artist, to come to my studio and try some techniques which are unfamiliar to her and create some mixed media art together.

I also want to do more with my photography, using photoshop elements, to create digital collages.  I need to use my 35mm digital camera and tripod more, instead of taking the easier option of using my small everyday automatic one.  To illustrate this post I wanted to go out and take pictures for a montage of wintry weather but, as we have had so much wind and rain lately, I have used photographs of my house, garden and the centre of Shepton Mallet from a few years ago, when we did have a white Christmas!

And finally more decluttering and organisation is needed in the studio. Trouble is while I am doing that I can't create!  Happy New Year to all who read this.

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