Thursday, August 1, 2013


Here is my second design for the Vintage Button Box collection - a butterfly card.  The old chunky lace sets these vintage buttons off, with their subtle worn colours and unusual hexagon shape. This shape can be found in nature  from bees' honeycombs to crystals and the Giants Causeway. Regular hexagons can fit together to form a grid without gaps, making efficient use of space and building materials which, for the bees, means less wax is needed for construction and the honeycombs gain lots of strength under compression.

 Card without the buttons
In the case of the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, there are naturally formed basalt columns - a large mass must cool slowly to form such a polygonal fracture pattern with the tops showing the hexagonal shape.

 Giant's Causeway
When you start looking this shape can be seen everywhere - architects have made use of it,  think of  The Hexagon, a hexagonal theatre in Berkshire or it can be seen in floor tiles, interlocking patterns and even chicken wire!

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