Saturday, June 22, 2013


I did a blog post back on May 13th on extreme knitting and promised to show some results. Here they are. It is so satisfying to do, as the knitting grows so quickly. I haven't the patience for knitting with normal sized needles!  I also don't like having to think about what stitch I should be doing, so stocking stitch suits me just fine.  The beauty of extreme knitting is its chunkiness so no fancy stitches are required.

The cushions are done with loads of balls of wool of different thicknesses and colours, knitted together on my enormous needles.  I produced a long rectangle which was then folded in half and the sides sewn together with wool.  A cushion pad was placed inside and the open end was fastened with ties made from material in the same colours.  As regards to colour, I didn't worry too much if a ball of wool ran out, I just tied on another one within my colour scheme. If you look carefully you can see variations of colour within the cushions.

The top picture shows a bathmat I made with two fleece blankets - one lime green and one turquoise - which were on offer together in a discount home store.  It would have been bigger if I had known how much material the knitting would take!  I did go back to buy another set when I realised how small the mat was going to turn out, but the store had run out of the colours I wanted! I cut the blankets into strips and sewed them together, alternating the colours, with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.  It does make a lovely soft and washable mat.  Now that I am getting used to the big needles and how far wools or materials will go,  I shall certainly be doing some more soon.

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